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Thread: Simple question... How to right click on an email address on Mac OS X?

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    Default Simple question... How to right click on an email address on Mac OS X?

    ZCS 5.0.16
    Firefox 3.0.13
    Mac OS X 10.5.7

    I've received an email and want to add the email address info to the Address Book in the browser.

    On a Mac, how do I right click on an email address to add the email info to the AddressBook?

    When you mouse-over an email address in the browser, the popup tooltip shows the email info + "Click to compose. Right-click for more options". I'm trying to right click to get the popup menu to add the email address info. On the MacBook laptop with a trackpad, I've tried:
    ctrl+click = nothing.
    shift+ctrl+click = nothing.
    ctrl+command = nothing.
    command+click = composes new email
    ctrl+alt/option = nothing.
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