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Thread: [SOLVED] What is this? A hash?

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    Default [SOLVED] What is this? A hash?

    Is this anything to be concerned about? It doesn't look like
    something one would expect to see in their incoming e-mail
    with the webmail client. Or is this something I can find referenced
    in HELP? I wouldn't even know what to call it to do a search!

    (See boxes to right of Elvis - name changed to protect the living -
    with what look like hexadecimal entries that somehow I doubt are
    MAC addressing).

    BTW, Firefox 3.0.12 on Win XP Home Edition, Java 1.5.0_11.

    Dear all,

    Please be reminded that the deadline is today.
    Should you have any lists, please send it to me and Tosh.

    Thank you & regards,

    ----- "Elvis Presley" <>さんが書いたメッセージ:

    Thanks for any attention to this newbie question.

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    When those characters are pasted into this forum, they appear to be chinese letter perhaps? I think they were just unicode bytes and the email client you were using was not displaying them properly.
    Nothing to worry about.

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    Dirk, Thank you. Yeah, you're probably right. Japanese now that
    I think about it. It looked like a row of boxes with another row underneath,
    and each box holding two alpha numeric characters.

    Thanks again!

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