Great stuff. But ...

-- FirstClass -
-- Contact Office -
-- HyperOffice -
-- Web Office -

These are all good offerings and have features that workplaces need. I am particularly impressed with FirstClass that has been under development for years and now, under OpenText ownership is a very powerful groupware suite.

But I really like your implementations so far and would like to see how to move forward starting with your open source model. Congratulations on that approach! It's worked well for Mambo (or Joomla, whichever).

??? Will you have document sharing any time soon? Organizations need that. You would want to have permission-based access, so different users would have access to different folders.

??? On a simpler note, do you have easy ways of including links and graphics/photos in the body of messages? Having buttons in your HTML format tool bar would be the way to do it (just as you have for this forum).
I tried to hand-tag an HREF into a message, but it didn’t convert to a link. I tried to cut-paste a graphic into a message, but it wouldn’t work.

??? Will you include embedding of rich media (especially Flash) into messages so that, for example, even company briefings or customer presentations, etc., could be conveyed in a message?

(I presume for efficiency, you would want a central database where not just the docs, but the graphics and multimedia reside, so you don't populate individual filespaces with them.)