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Thread: Icelandic characters.

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    Post Icelandic characters.

    Hi there
    I'm working with zimbra here in Iceland and we have a few special characters.
    The problem I'm facing now is that when a person using Outlook (2007 in this case) sends me a meeting request I see all the characters in the mail subject but not in the body and once the meeting request is accepted the subject is not readable as well.
    I'm fairly new to zimbra and I've been searching the forum for a similar case and found this and made the changes with the folder but no luck.
    I've attached a screenshot which shows the characters in the meeting request mail.

    Output from zmcontrol -v
    Release 5.0.18_GA_3011.RHEL5_20090707164432 RHEL5 FOSS edition
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    Default Icelandic characters

    Doesnt anyone have a problem with special characters from Outlook calendar to Zimbra????

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