Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I had a hard time figuring out where else to report this.

I have a friend who is seeing a weird issue on a brand new Dell Studio One All in One touch screen PC. Only happens on IE 7, does not on Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. IE 8 has not yet been tested.

In the web client if you single left mouse click on a toolbar button, such as reply it clicks the button, then after the AJAX refresh clicks again on the same coordinates performing whatever action is now there. In the case above, clicking reply then clicks add attachment and pops up the attachment "dialog".

When using the reply button and then dismissing the attachment popup, it is hard to get focus back to the reply area of the email. Once you do, and enter some text, you cannot select the text with the mouse.

The user is only using the mouse, and not the touch screen but I think there is some sort of behavior change on the touch screen PC possibly caused by the touch screen drivers acting as an additional mouse.

This has been reproduced on three Dell touch screen PC's but did not happen on the same PC without the touch screen option.

On one of the PC's disabling one of the mouse drivers in Device Manager stopped the behavior until the PC rebooted. The same did not work on a second PC. Disabling pen flicks on one PC stopped the behavior but did not on a different PC.

I would be happy to provide any additional information or assistance getting this debugged. I am a .NET web developer and have a decade of QA and debugging experience and understand some of the issues with JavaScript in different browsers. I have remote access to the PC via LogMeIn so can try additional tests if needed.

My friend tried to report this to Comcast support, but the they didn't understand it saying it must be an IE bug since it doesn't happen in other browsers. Obviously they didn't understand what hoops a JavaScript developer goes through getting different web browsers to work the same way.

Thank you,