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Thread: [SOLVED] iPod Touch and subscribed Zimbra calendars

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    Default [SOLVED] iPod Touch and subscribed Zimbra calendars

    Okay, this is bizarre. We use Zimbra 5.0.18_GA_3011.RHEL5_64 at my university. I've been successful in sharing calendars with colleagues. I've also been successful in setting up Zimbra Mail (Exchange) on my iPod Touch (1st Gen, Version 3.0 (7A341). On the iPod, under calendars, I see my default Zimbra Calendar, and a couple of other calendars I have created. I have also subscribed to a couple of calendars created by my colleagues. These appear under "Subscribed." Everything seems to be working fine. Syncing works well, bidirectional changes seem to work, etc. However, and here's the bizarre thing. On two of the Zimbra calendars that I'm subscribed to, events from my colleagues' calendars seem to morph into repeating events that, in the "day view" of the iPod calendar, appear every day for the period of the repeating event. They "pile up" one on top of the other, so that by the end of the repeat period there appear to be dozens of the same event. When I open one of these events, the end dates is crazy. For example, one of the events that I open on my iPod says "from 2 PM Thu Aug 27, 2009 to 5:48 PM Sun Oct. 3, 2145 repeats every week on Tuesday and Thursday." On my desktop, the events appear perfectly normal. The repeats appear just fine. They appear normal in the "list view" on the iPod. On the "month view" these events appear every day as "all-day events." Furthermore, I have Manager privileges on one of the subscribed calendars, and I deleted one of the offending events. It is deleted in my desktop version but remains on the iPod as if it has never been deleted. I know this is pretty arcane, but I thought I would give it a shot since we're trying to use Zimbra calendar as our main scheduling tool for out department and I have become dependent on my iPod Touch as a surrogate PDA. Does this seem like an iPod problem or an issue with Zimbra?



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    You've run across the "year 2145" bug. Try searching on iPhone 2145 on the forum and/or Google. Basically a problem with iPhone 3, but Zimbra will include a workaround in a future version in case Apple doesn't get around to fixing it.

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