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Thread: Got a real problem, Snow Leopard and Exchange.

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    Default Got a real problem, Snow Leopard and Exchange.

    Just got handed a real !STOP by higher ups.

    Was moving forward with a full on Zimbra migration, funding applied for and available
    next go-round, and all that.

    $GRANDBOSS (a Mac-o-phile) comes back from a few weeks off, and wants to
    know when we will be rolling out Exchange.

    We are a split Windows and Mac shop. really, about half and half.

    We've been happily running most of the back of the shop on linux for many years.
    Very limited use of MS servers for business apps and such.

    Were very happy with the zimbra approach, but I fear this is going to get politically

    I need all the advocacy help I can get. This will not be an easy battle, with the Mac
    camp apparently now squarely in microsoft's corner on this.

    any help appreciated.

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    Snow Leopard intergration only works with Exchange 2007, not earlier versions. This may not be a problem is you dont have an exchange installation already though.

    It does not use the same methods that the iPhone uses to talk to the server, so it wont work with Zimbra. I dont think that the protocols used are opened so it's possible that there will never be a Snow Leopard to Zimbra connection in the same way as there can be for Exchange.

    I'm hoping to be wrong on this one though.

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    However, Dirk, all that the Snow Leopard<>Exchange integration accomplishes is that it catches up (more or less) with what Zimbra NE already offers to Mac users: the ability to use Mail/iCal/Address Book in a business environment.

    However Snow Leopard does also offer some benefits for Zimbra users as well. In conjunction with Zimbra 5.0.18, it fixes iCal autocomplete for meeting attendees. With Zimbra 6.0, it will offer CardDAV-based Address Book synchronization, as well as delegation via the iCal preferences window.

    CardDAV means, by the way, that Mac users can be effectively supported using Zimbra NE licenses, which will save you some over Pro licenses.

    There may be some other benefits to look forward to, between SL and Zimbra 6.0, which is imminent, but I gotta run.

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