Now that the mail folder shortcuts in 5.0 are replaced by 6.0's move folder dialog, I'm finding it a little bit more difficult to zero out my inbox.

I'm not one of those anal retentive sorters, i just throw everything in one big folder, so while the move folder dialog makes it easier to be an anal retentive sorter, it makes it harder to just throw things in one folder.

My sorting scheme goes like this: If it's in the inbox, and I'm done with it, it goes to a folder called "0_archived". In 5.0, I'd set a folder shortcut "0" for this folder and move through my mail very quickly with the ".0" shortcut.

I was hoping for something along the lines of a gmail-style archive hotkey or button. Has anyone heard of a zimlet for that? Would it be possible for a motivated but inexperienced zimlet author to attempt? And if so, which zimlet would I want to look at for clues as to how to proceed?