First of all let me say as someone who does web development, your UI in incredible. I know some organizations that might be interested in the product, but I have a question about response time. I've noticed several actions (right clicks and others) have a slow response time. I've noticed that on my Mac and on a Windows machine. Obviously, it is tough to distinguish between what is slow because of the app and what is due to communication round trips, but I tested it on a Cable connection (5.0 download speeds) so I don't think it's the connection.

Anyway, given this is a beta release, should I expect that 1.0 release to be faster? I don't expect this to be perfect since it is the first thing we have seen and I was just wondering if there is some optimization going on that will make the end product quicker. I think it will need to be more responsive for me to convince some folks to leave their desktop Outlook client for this product full time.

Again, what you have done is very impressive, I'm not bashing just asking a difficult question. Keep up the good work.