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Thread: Server components logs and web U.I.

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    Smile Server components logs and web U.I.

    The administration console is lacking in showing logs of single Zimbra components: the only way to control logs (virus mail, mail killed for spam...) seems to be open single logfile directly in terminal console.

    Why don't you integrate (or also only allow and document how to...) the webui of dspam in Zimbra standard release, for example, or webmin spamassassin and postfix modules?

    Thanks for the beautiful work you're doing...

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    I will second that request jjjacket. I believe that including the ability to view and search through logs from the administration console would be a useful administration tool to ease management and rectification of issues for those unfamiliar with the use of command line tools.

    Additional support for managing and editing advanced features such as spamassassin and postfix would also be interesting enhancements

    Perhaps you should log these as a feature requests at Bugzilla and then it can be considered for future releases. I will definitely vote in favour of it.


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