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Thread: html signature inexplicably switches to plain text

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    Default html signature inexplicably switches to plain text

    Hi all,

    I just started using Zimbra, and I have a signature that I wrote using the "Format as HTML" option. This works fine for a while. However, after a couple of days, when I compose a new message, even though my Options are set to Format as HTML in the message, my signature appears as plain text with all the html tags visible. When I go back to my preferences to see what's up, the option on my Signatures tab has inexplicably changed to Format as Plain Text, even though that was not how I originally saved it. My only work around is to re-edit the signature from scratch with Format as HTML, and this works for a couple of days before the problem crops up all over again...

    Has anyone else encountered this problem before?

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    Hey, Welcome to the Forums
    I have actually encountered this before what I ended up doing was, inside of the preferences tab -> mail there is an option at the top where it will say display mail HTML (when possible) or plain text. Mine was set to plain text, when I changed the settings to HTML (when possible) the issue seemed to go away. I hope this helps.
    Eric J Lynner
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    Thanks for the response, Lynner. Unfortunately, though, my mail preference was already set to Display Mail As HTML (when possible), and I am still experiencing the issue.

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