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    Our school district has just installed the Zimbra Collaboration Suite 6.0 (open source). We are having a problem with shared calendars. If a user has a calendar that they share for public view, the problem is when they create an all day event. It shows up fine in their calendar, but when viewed using the public view url, the event shows up on the correct day AND the day after. Everything shows up fine if the event is created with a start time.
    It is happening to all users who share in this manner. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I just noticed something else that is happening with our calendar events that are marked as all day events. The notes do not appear when I click on the the event. Again, this is not happening on the users calendar when they are logged into Zimbra. It is the shared calendar that is being viewed as a webpage. If anyone can direct me ANYWHERE for an answer, I would appreciate it. I have never used this forum before and I may not be following the correct steps. I have seen no responses. Help.
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