I'm currently testing out the shared feature in my open source version of Zimbra, here is what I'm trying to do. So far I've made a shared folder, put a spreadsheet file in it (xls) and granted an internal user 'Manager' rights. I wanted for this file to be editable by him.

Problem: the file is opend as 'Read Only'. It can be edited by the granted person but cannot be saved to the original location (my shared briefcase folder). What am I doing wrong?

My goal is for everyone with granted rights to be able to open my shared files, edit/update the file and save it in my Briefcase shared folder. Is this doable?

And also in my Briefcase, xls or doc extensions, the 'type' info is an unknown binary in my open source Zimbra. Is this normal? Because I've seen some video tutorial on Zimbra that shows the rigth type info and gave the right icon to it.