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Thread: ZCS6 Tabbed Emails?

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    Default ZCS6 Tabbed Emails?

    The "Tabbed Email Compose" picture at suggests that you can have multiple messages open.

    I see how you can compose in multiple windows, but not how to read multiple messages in tabs, as pictured.

    Personally, I think that's overloading the screen too much, and would rather just use browser-level tabs or windows. Just curious if/how it would work.

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    It's possible, open deep msg view (one more than convo view) by pressing 'enter' repeatedly or 'left-clicks' (as long as you don't have the preference "Double-click opens message in new window" selected) and the tabs are created automatically. Then rather than clicking close, navigate back to mail and open another.

    More on it's usage/logic here: Adding Panels & Going Tabbed » Zimbra :: Blog
    Upcoming: Bug 37827 - tabbed calendar composing

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