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Thread: Enhancement Requests

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    Default Enhancement Requests

    I work in Groove all day long, and so here are some ideas taken from that experience:

    1) the ability to organize workspaces, to which one could then add tools such as a calendar, case management, discussion threads, files, web url's, etc. With others invited or not, having roles that are workspace defined and then give different permissions for the tools.

    2) of course, the addition of the tools described above.

    3) integration of email with workspaces based on rules, so that "email" is also a tool of a workspace, and email is copied/moved to one or more workspaces based on rules or manual action.

    4) the tools should be extensible in terms of data structure and design, so they can be modified to fit.

    You might have all of this planned already: is there a roadmap?

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    Hank, We don't have a published road map at this time. Thanks for the ideas. So would you expect this workspace to still be browser based? My assumption is that your looking for more ways to customize the experience rather than follow the current UI layout.

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    Default Layout vs. Tools

    Well, for starters, I am talking about adding tools, not changing the tools. So define "layout".

    And yes, Browser-based, using Ajax. None of these tools isn't available in some format already. It's just organizing them, so that projects/jobs can be managed in a work environment. In my work, I'll have 5 to 12 projects in which I am enrolled at a given moment, and this is typical for the people in our company. So one big mish-mash of information isn't really useful.

    Making it work offline, but still using a browser-based environment, would be great, and possible: always hit the local datastore, which updates from, and updates, the remote data store. But that's for another day.

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