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Thread: Unable to arrow down drop-boxes

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    Default Unable to arrow down drop-boxes

    I am running Zimbra 3.1.3_GA_474.SuSE10 with a good number of domains and an account that has at least one alias per domain. I have added enough aliases that I now have a scroll-bar in my browser. I am trying to add one more alias to this account, however the domain to alias to is the last one in the drop-down and is not accessible. The drop-down drops down, not up and I can't key/mouse down through the selections to access the necessary entry.

    I've tried in both IE 6.0 and FF on a Windows PC. Has anyone else run into this, and is there a fix already available or does this need to be a bug report? (Worst case scenario I can add the alias via the CLI tools).

    Thanks in advance,
    Jason Z.

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    I think this case is covered in an upcoming update to the admin UI. If you want to make sure file a bug in bugzilla and attach a screen shot just to be sure we are aware of exactly which dialog/screen your taking about.
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