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Thread: Moving messages instead of copying

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    Hello to everybody!

    I am new to this forum , and I am not directly on the zimbra server administration , however I was tasked to help to find a clue about our problem.

    We have two test servers both of the using the open source version , and one of them (using Zimbra 6) does have a quite strange behaviour , which we were unable to find what is causing it.

    We want to move messages between a shared folder to a user folder, this works flawlessly in Zimbra 5 , but for still unknown reasons , instead of moving (copying from the shared folder to the user folder, and then afterwards erasing the source on the shared folder) , it does simply copy the message (copying from the source folder to the user folder, and NOT erasing the source).

    We believe that it might be a bug since it displays a message that it has "moved" the message , but upon verification of the source folder the message still in there.

    We are about to upgrade from the open source version to the professional (and becoming a Zimbra partner) , but this is probably the only feature that is keeping us from doing it.

    Our direct customer is quite pleased and anxious to start working with Zimbra , but for his operational reasons which we are not to question, this moving messages bug (if it really is a bug) needs to be adressed first.

    Can anyone help us with this matter? I have searched this forum and found people with some other issues , but wanting to copy instead of moving. ( Exactly the opposite)

    Thanks for the comprehension , I am not the admin of the server , but will provide any information need to help anyone who help us in this matter.
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    This problem is known and will be fixed in 6.0.3. See Bug 40954 – messages are copied, rather than moved, between shared folders

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