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Thread: How to sync my zimbra contacts and calendars to google

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    Default How to sync my zimbra contacts and calendars to google

    I am a Zimbra Network Edition customer and I am being laid off from the company I installed Zimbra for in a couple of months. I have all my contacts and calendars for both personal and work purposes on the Zimbra server. I use my iPhone to sync with Zimbra and it pulls down all my contacts which is brilliant.

    However as my account will soon be killed by my employers I was wondering if I can sync my Contacts and Calendars (or at very least my contacts) over to my Google Mail (Apps) account. I will then remove Zimbra from my Exchange sync option on my iPhone and set up Google as the Exchange sync option (the iPhone only lets you sync with one Exchange account at a time).

    I've been searching for a while on the solution but I'm not sure whether this is a Google thing, a Zimbra thing or an iPhone thing. I've got funambol on my iPhone which syncs my contacts and calendars but that's not really a nice solution as it won't sync the contacts into my google account.

    Help very much appreciated!

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    Would an export/import not be much easier than a sync? Go to "Preferences" --> "Import/Export" and export your contacts (.csv file) and calendar (ical file) and import them to Gmail.

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    Hi Hivos, Thanks for your reply. I feel pretty dumb, yes, that's what I needed really. The calendars went across fine, however the contacts didn't. I imported them and it said it imported around 230 contacts into Gmail (discarding around 100 more because they contained no data apparently), however, Gmail (and my iPhone) only show contacts with email addresses in them, I have lost all my telephone numbers. Any ideas why and how I can get those contacts - Gmail says I have 234 contacts, but it only lists maybe 20, none of which have numbers on them.

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