Hi All,

I have a question about address books in zimbra (web mail client). You have got the possibility to create multiple address books. In the period that I have used outlook (some yours ago) I used multiple address books to sort my contacts. When I created a new e-mail I could choose an address book to search for contacts.

Because my list of contacts is growing I want to sort them again in different address books. For example all customers in an address book, all suppliers in an address book, etc.

Now I have created different address books, but when I compose a new e-mail and click on To, CC or BCC it shows all my contacts. In the Show names from field (dropdown box) I can only choose from Contacts, Personal and Shared contacts and Global Address List. But I was suspecting also the different address books that I have made.

Does somebody know a method how to use multiple address books on the way I want it? Or is there another method to search for contacts only in the selected address book?