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Thread: New filters don't show up in list

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    Default New filters don't show up in list


    I've installed Zimbra 6.0.2 and migrated a ton of mail and have finally started to use it. Now, created a couple of new filters to sort mailing list software, the newfilters work, but I can't see them in the list, and then can't edit or run or delete them. What happens?


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    You might be able to investigate further and/or fix your problem using zmmailbox. First login as the zimbra user (as root, do su zimbra) then do

    zmmailbox -z -m <mailbox name> gfrl

    From there you should visit the documentation and/or wiki to learn more if necessary (including getting help within zmmailbox).

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    Never mind. It seems it was a browser (cache?) problem. Logging out and in again made them show up. It might perhaps be a js problem, since moving filter up and down indicated that it worked, but nothing changed visuably.

    Browser used was Firefox 3.0.15 on Mac OS X 10.5.8

    PS: The problem only occurse every now and then

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