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Thread: Likes and wants :)

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    Default Domain Quota

    Is there currently any way to implement domain quota?

    Also, is there a place where I can see the list of attributes for domain object?

    Also, are there people out there who are writing skins or templates for Zimbra web interface? I want to find out more about making an Aqua template for Zimbra.

    By the way, I am the author of Dynu Enterprise Server at and have written a full fledged email server and the reason I wrote it is because something like Zimbra was not around....Its great to see a software like Zimbra come around.

    Keep up the good work!


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    We don't have domain quota today. You can set individual user quota's at the group level. It's something we plan to add going forward.

    Skins today require some internal knowledge of our layout and AJAX toolkit. If can be done but it's not trivial. The next release will add a couple new skins and make it much easier to add your own. Just the fact that there are multiple skins will help people create their own.
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