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Thread: Vacation message and aliases

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    Default Vacation message and aliases


    We've found out that when an auto-reply is set to be sent (aka vacation notice), the notification is sent only when the original message is sent to the account name; and no auto-reply is sent when the original message is sent to an alias.

    Where can I set up vacation message to my aliases?


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    This has been reported a couple times in bugzilla; both times it was ascribed to testing error. I.e., auto-reply caches senders and only sends a reply if the sender hasn't sent mail in a week. So if you send once to the actual address and then later to the alias, you'll only get one reply.

    See Bug 30548 – Auto Response To Aliases and Bug 31051 – Auto-reply for Alias

    If you're sure that's not what's going on, please post the version of Zimbra you're using.

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