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Thread: search content not working?

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    Default search content not working?

    I'm using the network edition (trial mode), Version 3.1.3_GA_474.RHEL4 Jun 9, 2006

    I've imported a few thousand messages from an old development list. I know many of these messages contain code with the word "double" in them. I'm trying to test the search capability, but I find that if I search by content for the word "double", only messages with "double" in their subject line are being delivered as results.

    The messages were imported via imapsync.

    Is there some kind of bug with search when messages are imported this way?

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    You may have hit either bug 8263 (message fragment displays incorrectly) or bug 8295 (mimehandler should be explicitly set for text/plain):

    Both these bugs are fixed in 3.1.4, which will be released next week. If you need a shorter-term workaround, you can update the text/plain MIME handler configuration in LDAP:
    # text/plain, mime, config, zimbra
    dn: cn=text/plain,cn=mime,cn=config,cn=zimbra
    zimbraMimeType: text/plain
    cn: text/plain
    objectClass: zimbraMimeEntry
    zimbraMimeIndexingEnabled: TRUE
    zimbraMimeHandlerClass: com.zimbra.cs.mime.handler.TextPlainHandler
    zimbraMimeFileExtension: text
    zimbraMimeFileExtension: txt
    description: Plain Text Document
    and reindex the mailbox.

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