Hello, i am considering to implement ZCS in a small organization. The software's great and i like it very much, but i have some questions.

1. Will it be possible one attendee to edit meeting details, and the edits to be made available to the other attendees? I know that in 6.0 the changes are not transfered to the other attendees, but will that change?

For example, let's say User1 creates a meeting with text in it "we have to discuss X" and adds User2 to the meeting. User2 receives the meeting, but wants to add "along with X we need to discuss Y". When User1 looks at the meeting details he sees "we have to discuss X / along with X we need to discuss Y".

2. Can Zimbra use external mail server for all of its e-mail functions? I have a mail server already and i like my setup, so i'm hesitant to move the e-mails in Zimbra. I can add my current e-mail accounts with imap external accounts, but can i use my external e-mail server for the invitations from the calendar and other internal functions of zimbra?

3. When i'm organizing a meeting, if some of the attendees are busy, i'm not warned that there is a conflict. Is there a way to be warned?

Thank you in advance