Hi there.
Mi name is Nicolás, I´m currently the network administrator of a small IT bussiness.
My office mass mail regularly using PHPList. Off course this means there´s a MySQL database which is used by PHPList to, among other things, store contacts information.
Also we have a server serving Zimba Network Edition, with several accounts each one with its set of contacts.

So, we have a problem here, which is, we have basically two sets of contacts, the ones stored in Zimbra, and the ones stored in MySQL PHPlist´s database.

We would like to have an unique contact database, easy to manage from Outlook or Zimbra web interface, and we would also like to retain the ability to mass mail some of our contacts.

Off course, we have the approval of our customers to send those mails, we don´t spam.

So... Can this be done with Zimbra? Can we replace PHPList with Zimbra? or at least can we make PHPList use zimbra´s contacts? is there a proposed solution for this? Your help would be very much appreciated.

Thank You
Nicolás Bardier