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Thread: Public viewing of multiple calendars in a 'composite' view?

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    Question Public viewing of multiple calendars in a 'composite' view?

    We have a number of events series organised by different users which we need to allow to be viewed by the public (ie, sharing the calendar(s) to "Public (view only, no password required)" and linking to the Calendar URL.

    A Zimbra user can view multiple (shared) calendars via Zimbra itself, creating a composite view (within Zimbra) of all of the calendars which are relevant to them.

    Is there a way to achieve a similar result for the general public (non-Zimbra-users), that is, to be able to select (say) Calendar A, Calendar B, and Calendar D (which may all be owned by different users, but which all have public viewing enabled) and then create a URL which a member of the general public could use to see a composite view of all of these calendars combined in one browser window?

    On a related note, can I make a comment regarding the form of the calendar URLs? The calendar identifiers in the URLs take the form
    This presents a problem where ownership of a shared calendar may pass from one person to another (eg, change of responsibilities, staff member leaving, etc), as it would (presumably?) mean that a new URL would need to be issued to the public when somebody new takes on the management/ownership of the calendar. Would it not be more flexible if the calendar identifiers were instead perhaps something like:
    or indeed:
    for composite view of multiple calendars?

    (Or some other kind of unique identifier, as otherwise the URL might start getting a bit unwieldy)

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    As far as I know it's not possible to show multiple public calendars at once in Zimbra. I would suggest using something like Php Icalendar on a webserver to show multiple calendars and setup an hourly cronjob to sync the ical files between zimbra and phpicalendar.

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    About passing ownership of shared calendars from one user to another, note this isn't possible at the moment. Please see (and consider voting for)

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