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Thread: IE8 'forgets' functions

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    Default IE8 'forgets' functions

    I have a curious problem with ZWC and IE8: Some functions (particularly scrolling folder lists) only work with a fresh load of the client!


    (a) Load ZWC, scroll down list in folder - OK

    (b) Load ZWC, read new mail, go off to make coffee, scroll down list in folder - 'Script error', no mail added to bottom of list when bottom reached. Refresh/F5 - OK again !!!

    It's as if IE is dropping/forgetting the add-to-bottom-of-list-when-scrolling function if it hasn't been used recently. FF doesn't do this. It also happens with other functions that, I assume, are loaded and cached when ZWC loads and called as necessary.

    Can anyone shed any light on this?


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    Quote Originally Posted by jonallport View Post
    Can anyone shed any light on this?
    Yes. You could, by posting the content of the "Script Error."

    In the 6.0.4 fixlist I see Bug 42166 – Logging into ajax client in IE 8 throws JS expn and hangs, but it was originally reported on a build after the 6.0.3 release and doesn't seem directly relevant.

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