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    Unhappy Trouble displaying mail in inbox

    Hi Guys,

    Originally I thought I had a problem with fetchmail but it turns out that I'm having a problem displaying new mail in my inbox. I can see the messages archived in gmail (I use fetchmail to grab this mail) yet don't show up in my zimbra mailbox. I have sent some test messages b/w my external email addresses and run fetchmail by hand and verified that it does see the messages and does download them without throwing a bounce. I just don't know where they are going. I have checked trash, junk, and the rest of my folders, no luck. Lastly I sent myself an email from within zimbra and it did not show up. I have verified in the fetchmail output that it is sending it to my correct email on the zimbra install (RCPT TO Poking around the admin interface I noticed that they are in the deferred tab under the mail queues. Clicking the flush button had no effect.

    The last problem I fixed was permissions issues preventing tomcat from starting (answer found in forum), this was about a week ago, other than that's things have been quiet.

    This seems dangerous as I don't want my mail to bounce. Any suggestions?

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