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Thread: Webmail version - delete of trash repeatedly shifts focus to Inbox

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    Firefox 3.5.3 on Mac OS X 10.5.8

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    I have also noticed this when the user right clicks on the trash can and selects "empty trash" it deleted the trash AND all 50+ emails in her inbox? Some very strange issues going on.

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    Default Not good

    We've had a rise in users somehow emptying their Inboxes since our upgrade to 6.0. At first I thought it was just an oddity, but I'm wondering if there is indeed something in the 6.x series that "helps" the user delete their inbox.

    I've been able to somewhat reproduce this in FireFox 3.5.9 on Mac by doing the following:

    Go to the Trash folder which has over 50 messages. Click the "select all" checkbox and delete. Repeat and once you've fully emptied the trash the focus goes back to the inbox where the user could continue to select all and delete.

    Yes the user could right-click and empty their trash, but obviously they are not. I'm sure focusing to the inbox is not by design, but it does appear to happen and has some nasty results.

    Good thing the Zimbra point-in-time restores work so well!

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