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Thread: [SOLVED] Saving mail preferences error

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    Default [SOLVED] Saving mail preferences error

    We are using 6.0.2 GA Network Edition 64bit on Ubuntu 8.04 lts. Having a strange problem with a user's account. Makes me think there is something in the account that is causing this behavior. It doesn't seem to be browser related because we tried it on Firefox 3.x (different platforms, OS X, Linux and Windows), IE 8 and get same results.

    This is what happens. Open 'preferences', highlight 'mail' in the left frame navigation menu, 'Receiving Messages'>'Send auto-reply message:' is displayed in the main frame. The 'Start on' and 'End on' for other accounts has a little pop-up calendar. This particular account doesn't show that. Also if you try to save preferences without making any changes, it gives the error message 'A required value is either missing or invalid'. There is no way to modify preferences in this account.

    Any suggestions?

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    My guess is that the user somehow entered a "bad" date for their "out of office" dates and it is now causing the problem. I've seen this a couple of times, although I'm not really sure how it happens in the first place. I think the user manually enters a date, instead of using the calendar. Anyway, to check/fix do a 'zmprov ga <account name> | grep zimbraPrefOutOfOffice'; specifically look at the 'zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeFromDate' and 'zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeUntilDate' settings. If one (or both) of them doesn't look right modify the setting using 'zmprov ma <account name> zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeFromDate <new date>'. It doesn't really matter what you put in for the dates as long as they are in a valid format. (Although I probably wouldn't set the ending date earlier than the starting date; not sure what that would do.)

    Hope this helps.

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    That was it. I just set the dates to empy string and that fixed it. Thanks.

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