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Thread: Error with Documents views

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    Default Error with Documents views

    While using the Documents in Zimbra Community 6.0.4, the Edit view displays the output differently to the Open Document view (see screen shots attached). The problem is that Open Document view displays <P>...</P> with the extra line between paragraphs, whereas Edit view does not show this extra line. This means that when editing, <P>...</P> looks the same as <BR> and when the document is then opened normally, the display has extra lines that were not apparent in the Edit view.

    Either the program has to be fixed so that Edit view displays the correct line feeds (this is the correct solution) or the Open Document view has to be changed so that there are no extra line feeds.

    The Open Document view is the correct display of the HTML code, so the Edit view should be fixed to display the HTML properly while editing.
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