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Thread: Inline attachments not displaying

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    Default Inline attachments not displaying

    I am having a problem with some inline attachments not displaying in the ajax client when I receive emails. The attachments are screenshots that have been dragged and dropped by the sender into the body of the message. The sender is using the default Mail application on a Mac.

    I do not see the attachment and there is no indication (paperclip) in the header of the original message. However, if I reply or forward the message the attachment shows up in the new message. The file name of the screenshot that is displayed after I reply or forward is 'Screen shot 2009-12-17 at 10.52.40 AM.png' Could the dots in the time stamp be confusing the ajax client?

    This problem only occurs in the ajax client. The screenshot does show in the original message as an attachment in the html client.

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    I am having the exact same issue. The problem occurs sporadically and it probably happens more than I know about. I have filed a support request in the past, but I didn't receive alot of help because I wasn't able to provide many details. I have to click the forward button to see the attachment and then I have to save it from there. This is a big problem because a large number of our customers use the apple Mail client.

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    We are having this issue as well. Switching to the "Standard" client shows the attachments. It is is only in the "Advanced" client that they are hidden.

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