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Thread: Email shows coming from wrong account

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    Just a question... why exactly are you looking to relay your email? Problems with your address showing up on "Dynamic IP" blocklists? Outbound port 25 blocked? What is the reason? Generally it is inbound port 25 that is blocked but you say you can recieve email fine so that is not your issue.

    Unless you are having problems with your IP address showing up on blacklists you shouldn't need a relay service.

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    I believe outbound 25 is being blocked. When I originally set up my server, I was using it as the SMTP server. Email was not going out at all. I could receive mail but could not get any out. So I assumed that 25 outbound was blocked. That is why I setup to use gmail's smtp server per instructions I found in a wiki. I do have myself setup with for dynamic dns for all my web hosting and such.

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