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Thread: what is GAL

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    Default what is GAL

    hi friends,
    i had configured zimbra, as i am newbie in zimbra so i am having many questions in my mind.zimbra people plz tell me something about GAL like what is the use of GAL. any help n support will be highly appreciated.

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    The GAL (Global Address List) is a list of all the mailaccounts in this system or domain. Basically the purpose is to have a list of all your users so you don't have to type in mailaddresses to known users, like the users in your mailsystem.
    I know this was a bit basic but if you can clarify your question a bit more I will be able to help you better.

    In Zimbra you have the option of creating your GAL from the internal OpenLDAP (default) or from another LDAP server or AD. Click "configure GAL" from the domain you have in the Admin UI.

    Best Regards
    Anders Rydell

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