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Thread: [SOLVED] Full day event showing on 2 days

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    Default [SOLVED] Full day event showing on 2 days

    I created a full day event on saturday called test. When I take a look at my agenda using the external URL (http://zimbraserver/home/user/Calendar.html?view=week), the previous meeting appears both on friday AND saturday, but if I show only work week, then it doesn't appear on friday. If I click on the meeting to see the details, the good informatino are displayed.
    It must probably be a timezone problem, but everything seems ok in the zimbra admin : users timezone is the same as domain timezone, and I don't see where it could be different.
    It seems that this bug only appeared after migration from 6.0.3 to 6.0.4.

    I filed a bug for this, you can find it here (some screenshots included to be more clear) : bugzilla

    If anyone has any idea, I would be grateful !

    Thanks in advance !

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    Default all day appointment duplicate on print in 6.0.4

    i have a similar issue that just started with 6.0.4. when i create an all day appointment it is ok in the zimbra calendar tab but if you print the calendar the all day appointment is duplicated on the next day in the new print window! anyone have a fix?

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