I am new to Zimbra and have noticed 1 or 2 Opera bugs so far and was wondering if there are any fixes for them ? I'm unsure at this point which version of Zimbra I'm using, as it's set up in the company network.

The first bug is the advanced version is shifted right off the screen to the right. The standard version looks good, and works well, but I would imagine the CSS is not working properly for Opera

View screen shot here

Secondly, maybe because I'm using the standard version rather than the advanced version, when I forward an e-mail, or reply to an e-mail, the original message, or HTML from the previous e-mail appears as html code in the other persons e-mail instead of rendering the HTML to appear as text.

But when I send a clean e-mail, it's fine.

View Screenshot here

Are there any fixes for this or any settings I can change? Please don'y make me go back to Firefox! LOL.

Thanks, any help is appreciated.