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Thread: Compose Mail Shots in HTML

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    Default Compose Mail Shots in HTML

    Hi, I have a html page which will be my companies newsletter. is there a way i can use it in Zimbra so when i send it out it renders as HTML instead of text.

    I have turned format as HTML on under options but copy pasting the code just renders it as text

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    Hi fir3x,

    Mailshots/mailmerge-to-email is not something that seems to be done well anywhere! I know that Redmond company can do it with Word/Outlook but as you're here I assume you don't use such bloated beggar-ware.

    Have you looked at OpenOffice for this? I know that OOo will do mailmerge-to-SMTP but I've never used it myself. Personally I've been in the same position as you and I've found quite a flexible solution (under a Win32 environment) using 'FOR' and blat at the CLI.

    Have a go!

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