First, I'm a new (as of yesterday) Zimbra Webmail user, and brand new to this forum. If I've posted in the wrong place or otherwise incorrectly, please let me know. I've searched the forum for an answer to my question but find only responses that date back to 2007. This issue is pretty basic so I figured I'd ask about its current status.

The goal is to copy an image (.jpg, .png, etc.) to the clipboard and then paste it into an HTML formatted message so it appears inline with the text. I've been able to achieve the same effect by first saving the image and then attaching it and checking the little "appear inline" box, but that's painful compared to copy and paste. I don't know if the community considers this a missing feature or a bug, but it seems like something we need.

Hence, the question: am I missing a simple way to do this? Is something being worked on? If so, does anyone know the current status of this missing feature or bug?

I'm looking forward to a response.