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Thread: Reminders from other People's appointments with shared calendars?

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    Quote Originally Posted by miguel View Post
    I don't get why this isn't quickly fixed as it was broken.. Sometimes looks like people at zimbra don't care much about their paying customers.. fill a bug is not an answer for people who pay you at least to maintain the basic functions of the product when upgrading. A serious issue like this (lots of people use it and will be annoyed by this) requires an immediate hot fix or something. We can't "wait for the next release", and we we will not be using a support ticket for something you didn't test and broke
    You'll find details of when it was fixed and which version it's targeted for in the bug report and Product Portal. Bug resolutions are not released as 'hotfixes' they are integrated into a future release and, AFAIK, if you contact support about a genuine bug then it doesn't use one of your support cases.


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    Yeah i have reported loads of bugs and not used any support cases for those instances.
    The simple workaround for people who are annoyed by it, is to unselect the shared calendar until they need it. Might work for some.
    Also, I doubt the bug will not be in 6.0.6, which I am sure will be released as soon as possible. Would you rather you had no where to lodge bugs, and no-one listened, and you had no idea when they would be fixed?
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    When you have lots of people who pay for this product claiming everyday because something they always used is now broken (picking calendars is not a valid neither acceptable workaround for those who have a lot of shared calendars)you will find out you need more than they listen to it, you need immediately a fix for it. If you sell ZCS as a stable product, breaking a basic function like this is _serious_ and make bad reputation of you and the product you sell

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    I agree with miguel on this issue. I love Zimbra, but this isn't the first time a basic function has been broken after an upgrade. While I don't like being critical, it seems that after every incremental upgrade for version 6.x, there is another basic function that is broken. As an administrator, it's embarrassing having to tell your users after an upgrade that a basic function that has been working for a long period of time, is now broken and that they will have to wait for the issue to be fixed in the next release which might be 2-3 months down the road. This also makes me weary of upgrades and I am starting to lose confidence in Zimbra's ability to properly develop and test new releases. As a paying customer, I really believe that Zimbra should implement a process for applying patches in between releases.

    Maybe an automated process for downloading and installing new patches???

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    Default Could not see any reminders for the appointment in shared calendar

    I am running into an issue.
    USER A shared his default calendar with view/admin permissions to User B.
    User B mounted/linked the shared calendar of User A.
    Now for any appointment in his calendar, User A is able to see the reminder popup in his workspace.
    But as User B has linked User A's calendar in his workspace, User B can see all appointments, but User B does not see any reminder pop up in his environment for the same appointment for which User A is getting a reminder popup.

    I am not sure if its any expected bahavior or a bug on Zimbra side.
    We observed this behavior on Zimbra 5.0.9(Franklin) & Zimbra 6.0(GunsNRoses).

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