Dear All,

recently we upgrade one of our ZCS server from 5.0.19 (OSS) to 6.0.4 (OSS), and it's really impressed that the new ZCS 6.x takes much long time for service start-up.

[root@zcs ~]# date ; service zimbra restart ; date
Mon Mar 1 09:27:01 CST 2010
Mon Mar 1 09:32:24 CST 2010

the result above is on a vmware environment: 1-CPU/1-G RAM.

and i can't say too much but everything is really slow slow in user web ui and admin ui.

zimbra software is really too *huge* especially when users just need the basic feature.

may i learn from you that is it possible to get rid of some features to improve the performance? 90% of our users here just need : Mail/Contacts/Briefcase features, and AS/AV are both set to disable by default here.
( and of course, we've already disable these from Admin UI)

any advice ? thaanks