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Thread: [SOLVED] Login Never Loads

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    Default [SOLVED] Login Never Loads

    This system is a piece of crap. It has been nothing been but trouble!

    For the past two days I've been unable to log in because not even the Lycos mail homepage won't load. It tries and tries and eventually returns a 500 error. Some upgrade . . . I want my old Lycos mail back! Not only does Zimbra not work, it screwed up my inbox and tagged 218 emails as unread even though most of them are years old. I'm not about to page through dozens of pages of emails to click them so this idiotic system thinks they're read.

    Is there any way to opt out of this substandard system? I can't be locked out of my email by a nonfunctioning email program . . .

    --A very angry Amy

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    Default Ditto

    I feel your pain; it's my pain in the _____ too!

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    You will need to contact Lycos regarding any issues you have with the email system.

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    Default Waiting for Lycos is like waiting for rain in the desert

    Thanks for the reply. I DID contact Lycos--more than once. It takes 2-3 weeks to get a reply and usually they are irrelevant or useless, take your pick. I was hoping someone out there in Zimbra land had already figured this one out.

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