Hi everyone

I've recently migrated myself to Zimbra to test it out, leaving our other 10 users on Exchange (ha ha!)

And one thing I notice is that I tend to get duplicate feed items when I manually "Load Feed"

I did find this bug which was marked as fixed: Bug 15059 – RSS reader downloads duplicates when accessing certain feeds
But I'm experiencing this issue on the latest version of Zimbra.

Some are external feeds eg: Pandora Press: The unofficial community blog

But others are our internal feeds on our intranet that are completely under our control. I coded them myself so that the pubDate and guid tags are a constant for each feed item.
I thought RSS readers should de-dupe based on the guid?

Anyone else still experiencing this problem?
This RSS thing is promising to be a killer feature for us, allowing staff to keep track of orders/bookings etc.

Cheers, B