Hi, I'm using Zimbra with Firefox v3.6 and always had the Firefox pop-up blocker set to allow pop-ups from Zimbra. I never had a problem getting messages to open in a pop-up window, but now they no longer do - instead, when I highlight a message and click the "Launch in a Separate Window" icon, Firefox opens the message in a new tab (this doesn't happen with Chrome or IE; the message opens as a separate pop-up as it's supposed to).

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Like I said, Firefox used to open the messages in pop-ups just fine, and I don't recall any change to my settings that caused it to all of a sudden just stop.

Here's my full Zimbra info:

Client Version: 5.0.20_GA_3127.RHEL4_64
Client Release: 20091102101712
Build Date: 20091102-1022