Hey guys
I have a request from a user asking if there is a way to attach a email to a task. I have done some digging around along with testing and I was unable to come up with a resolution, maybe you guys could help.

"Are you aware of anyway to drag and drop an email to a task?

As we are working projects, certain updates or information lands in email that is important to retain for the project. If you are using a task to manage the project it would be great to be able to drag and drop the email to the task and have it bring any attachment with it. This was possible with Outlook Tasks.

Zimbra will allow you to create a task from the email by right clicking and selecting create task. What we need is an "Add to Task option. Currently you have to cut the text from an email, then open the task and paste the text. Then save any attachments to your desk top, then go back to the task and load them up individually. When the attachments are loaded they are placed at the top of the task, instead of along side the text that was entered for the day. Kind of makes it hard to find the right attachment later when there is a stack at the top of the task."