I realise some of this may be reposts or already in Bugzilla but it's really time consuming to trawl that. I appologize in advance for any reposts or redundant feedback. My users wanted me to forward on these 3 issues with the Web Client to help with usability:

1. There is something not quite right with the selection function - say in Contacts in the web client (unsure about desktop), if you click on a contact (ticked) and then accidentally click elsewhere, the highlight goes away but the tick remains, but it is no longer selected. It gets worse if you have multiple contacts selected.
2. In preferences, there is no live preview for skin selection. It is just too tedious to select, save and reload every time.
3. New email (compose) stays as a tab once it is auto-saved as a draft. If you go into the draft folder to complete the email and send, the unfinished version in the tab remains and is clearly unaware of the fact the it had been completed and sent. There has to be a connection between the Draft folder and new composition in the tab. None of the other email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail etc) has this problem.