Hi Everyone,

I own a Nokia N900 Smartphone (or like they say, a Internet Tablet) with the Maemo 5 Operating System and would like to synchronize at least the calendar and the contacts with Zimbra (E-Mails are synchronized over IMAP).
So I installed Funambol Server with the Zimbra Connector on the server side and Syncevolution on the N900 side for synchronizing with the SyncML protocol. That works... But from time to time I get doubled calendar entries and wrong synchronized contacts. That's very annoying.
The way the data has to flow through until it is on the device/server is very long: Maemo <-> Syncevolution <-> SyncML Protol / Internet <-> Funambol Server <-> Zimbra Connector <-> Zimbra. There are plenty of ways to get troubles...

So my question is: Is there a better way to synchronize the Nokia N900 calendar/addressbook with Zimbra?

Thanks for every suggestion!