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Thread: Sharing address books and tags

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    Default Sharing address books and tags

    Hello all,

    I created an address book and shared it with another user and provided Admin rights to it. I, as the creator of the address book, can tag entries (customers, prospects, Etc) and view them via the tags I created but the other user cannot seem to do the same thing. The tag gets created but the data is not available. Is this a bug anyone else has experienced and hopefully resolved?

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    I see the same behavior under Zimbra 6.0.5.

    To be precise:

    Tags I create aren't visible to people who have mounted my Address Book. (Not a big surprise.)

    Those people also can't tag items in my Address Book for their own use.

    Bugzilla has a lot of entries regarding tagging shares; some of them look like they might be relevant to this issue.

    One problem, overall, is lack of clarity on whether tags themselves should be shared. I think the concept of "global" vs. "local" tags may be the way to go here. I.e., normally a tag in a shared folder should appear only to the user who created/applied the tag. But there should be some sort of facility at either the user or admin level to create/publish "global" tags which, when applied, appear in everyone's account.

    Probably you'd want a mask to control who will see each "global tag" and a separate one for being allowed to apply/remove each "global tag".

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