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Thread: Saving shared files doesn't work

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    Default Saving shared files doesn't work


    I encountered the following problem and would need some help:
    When I share a folder with one/multiple persons, they can access it. Let's suppoe I gave the persons managers rights. So now they should be able to create files and edit files. Actually they CAN create files and also edit and save THESE files (that they created themselves). But as is seems, it's not possible to edit and save a file someone else created. Thats odd for me, as I thought all files would be shared, and the managers and admins can edit any file in the folder...

    Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? I know that the spreadsheet and "word-file"-editor are beta.


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    I think this works for me, if we're trying the same thing.
    In "Documents" I made a new notebook, shared the notebook out, and created a page in there which can be edited and saved by a co-worker just fine. That's with a manager rights assigned on the share.

    Are you actually still using 5.0.18, if so I'd suggest updating, I'm on 6.0.5 and it does work ok, but I've been using it for a while and have never known it not to work, so upgrading mayt not fix it for you.

    When the other person tries to save changes, is there an error thrown?

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    Thanks for your answer and sorry for the late response and the missing data in my initial post:

    I am running ZCS Version zcs-6.0.5_GA_2213.DEBIAN5_64.20100131185825 (i updated my profile now)

    I tried editing the shared files with IE 8 and Firefox 3. Neither of them worked

    There is no error. Normal behaviour at saving a file is a green box dropping from the upper sinde of the window, posting "filename saved". In my case nothing is done when I click the save button.

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