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Thread: Sharing calendars through websites

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    Question Sharing calendars through websites

    Hello Community!

    I am a first time poster, and I think I have searched the forums here for a thread regarding my question but haven't come across one yet.

    I work for a public school district and we are looking to add some new features to our website, one such feature is to share one or more calendars for the community to see what is going on at a particular school or more generally at a district level.

    What I am looking for is some documentation that will help me from start to finish, i don't need every step maybe, but something that shows me a general idea of how the whole process works from an admin level to a webmaster level.

    Hope I am asking the right questions, feel free to ask something of me if more clarification is needed.

    Thanks again!

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    Hi Joe, welcome to the forums,

    For sharing have a look at the End User Guide, specifically pp. 115 & 206 which describe calendar shares and how to set them up.

    If you create public share(s) for the calendar(s) you have several options. The HTML view can easily be embedded in an iframe on another webpage, and the .ics link can be used to 'subscribe' in other applications (e.g. Mozilla Sunbird, MS Outlook etc.).

    I hope that gets you started.
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    jonallport, thank you much for the direction I'll get into that doc and start reviewing the options.


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