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Thread: help me fix my spam issues please

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    Question help me fix my spam issues please

    I was an idiot and tried to tweak my spam filters when I first set up my zimbra install 2 or so yrs ago.

    We get a lot of spam not sure how it happened but I cringe every time I go to check my inbox.

    Also we have to check our spam folders because more often than not we get legitimate mail in our spam folder.

    I want to know if there is a way to reset spam filters and filter out all mail from major spamming countries etc.

    I just need a better way to manage it.

    I've only got around 15 users and I get complaints all the time.

    Any help would be appreciated!!!!!

    I seem to get a lot of these too:
    SUBJECT: (BANNED CONTENTS exe. ..........)

    Our content checker found
    banned name: .exe,.exe-ms,loader.exe

    in an email to you from:

    Content type: Banned
    Our internal reference code for your message is 29644-13/fOHcoM7DU8-v

    First upstream SMTP client IP address: []
    According to a 'Received:' trace, the message apparently originated at:

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    Defining addresses to block and to allow in your mailbox

    Most filtering of unsolicited automated mail (aka "spam" or "junk mail") is handled by a spam filter before those mail messages reach your Inbox. This filtering helps to reduce the amount of junk email that is put in your Inbox.

    In addition to the automatic ZCS spam filtering rules, you can setup your mail preferences to identify specific addresses to block or not block in your Inbox. You create a list of addresses that should not be added to your Inbox and addresses that always should be added to your Inbox, but could be detected as spam. The spam filter uses this list to make sure you get the email you expect.

    How to set up your Junk Mail Options

    1. Go to Preferences and select the Mail folder.
    2. On the page that opens, scan to the Junk Mail Options section.
    3. Enter complete email addresses in the appropriate boxes, either Block messages from or Allow messages from. You can enter up to 100 addresses for each.
    4. Click Save on the toolbar.

    This can be done per user in Zimbra.
    Also check your hosted provider to see if they have a feature similar to PostIni that's is supplied by Google. They will have additional spam filtering capabilities.

    Hope this helped.
    Zimbra services hosted by The Message Center.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cornbread View Post
    I was an idiot and tried to tweak my spam filters when I first set up my zimbra install 2 or so yrs ago.
    What 'tweaks' did you make to your system? Have you modified the Tag/Kill percentages and what are they set to? You need to post the full headers from some of the spam messages so we can see why it was, or wasn't, tagged as spam. Do you have DSPAM enabled?


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    cornbread, you've got multiple issues going on.

    You should listen to Phoenix, but I have a couple other things to bear in mind.

    First, if you upgrade your ZCS, it may clear out some of the tweaks you did. (Though not the tag/kill percentages, basically only more advanced tweaks that are only available using the CLI.)

    Second, the banned contents alerts are configured through the admin GUI, under Global Settings > Attachments. Also look under Global Settings > AS/AV to see if you want to block encrypted zip attachments.

    Third, if you want to indiscriminately filter out all mail from certain countries, you can use Global Settings > MTA > DNS Checks and use certain RBLs. I would recommend The DNSBL Look at drbcheck: dr. Jrgen Mash's DNS database list checker and find the lists associated with the countries you want to block. For example, to block mail from China, use

    NOTE: do not use It's a dead list, and using it may result in all your incoming mail being bounced.

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    Or use SA Relay-Countries and score based on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cornbread View Post
    We get a lot of spam not sure how it happened but I cringe every time I go to check my inbox.

    As far as cringing when going to your INBOX a filter that may help w/ this is "address in from not in my contacts" -> "file into [mailbox]". Of course you have to make sure your contacts are kept updated but this should theoretically keep the INBOX relatively spam free (keep in mind most spam generators use random email addr some of which may be in your contacts). Then you just have to check that [mailbox] occasionally to clear up what is in there. Also make sure this is always the last filter so it acts as a clean up sort of thing.

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